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Seven Ways to Get Over Your Ex, Even If You Are Still in Love With Them

Seven Ways to Get Over Your Ex, Even If You Are Still in Love With Them

Do n’t Have Any Time For Them Having goals in life and working hard can get you a great career with a lot of money, but if you are not careful it can also chase off the ones you love. Everybody wants to feel like they are loved and that they have someone to share their life with. If you never make any time for them they may stay with you for a while, but eventually the love will just die off as they are not getting what they truly want out of the relationship. The Solution – No matter how busy you receive always remember to make time for those you love. They should understand if you have a life outside of the relationship, but always make time for that special someone. 2. Kill The Fun Fun people are attractive, boring people are not.adultfriendfinder net Think about what got you two together, wasn’t it exciting and new? Of course it was! After a while all that fun tends to die down, causing people to get bored. If your boyfriend or girlfriend gets too bored they may wonder what it would be like to sleep with other people and bring back the excitement of the chase into their life. The Solution – Spice it up by trying new things.

Go new places and do what you can to keep the conversations interesting. 3. Threaten To Leave Threatening to leave a relationship is a shallow attempt to get what you want. If you’re not happy with your relationship than don’t stay in it, otherwise don’t hurt your partners feelings this way. Threatening to leave may work a few times, but in the long run your partner gets tired of it and will be relieved to see you finally go. The Solution – Use your words, if you have a problem with something tell your partner about it, work it out like adults. Few things are worth ending a relationship over, so don’t say you want to leave unless you’ve really thought it over. 4. Being Jealous Being a little jealous is flattering; being too jealous will drive people off. I’ve seen it happen many times before, one partner thinks the other will cheat on them and as a result they hold on too tight until the other partner feels like they are trapped in a cage and they have to break free. The Solution – The best way to overcome jealousy is to trust your partner. If you know they really love you than they probably won’t do anything to hurt you. 5. Have Mood Swings Another way to drive your partner off is to have too many mood swings. It is ok to have feelings, but going from happy to sad to happy again can make you seem crazy. While we may put up with it for a little while, eventually the stress becomes an excessive amount of. We all want to be happy with the one we love and it is hard to do that if we constantly have to say we are sorry or cheer them up. The Solution – Remember that you are loved in a relationship. We only have so much time on this earth that there isn’t much point in being sad.

Look at the positive side of things and you will see not only your love life, but your life in general improve. 6. Always Start Arguments All couples fight. We all have disagreements and we all want slightly different things out of life. But if you are always the one who starts the argument your partner may decide that you are the reason for their unhappiness and will want to get away. The Solution – If you are always the one starting the argument it may be because you fear love and secretly want to destroy your relationship. Instead find someone you can get along with and learn to focus on the positives. Relationships can be a good thing if you let them. 7. Never Let Them Have Their Space Everybody is different; one person may love being smothered with love and attention all of the time while others may want to have their personal space. By always wanting to know where they are, always chasing them, and texting them 50 times a day they may eventually decide it is an excessive amount of and leave. The Solution – Get a life outside of your partner.

Find friends, a hobby, or something to keep you preoccupied when your loved one is gone. 8. The Sex Is Boring Sex is exciting when you first get a new partner. But after doing the same positions over and over again, it can really become dull and uneventful. Both parties may have wondering eyes and start wondering what it would be like to sleep with someone else. The Solution – Try new things in bed. Make it exciting, spice it up, and use your imagination. Relationships can be a hard thing and require work by both parties. You must learn to love yourself before you can ever hope to love anybody else. When all is said and done relationships could be worth when you find somebody who will make you smile every time you believe of them. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox!https://topadultreview.com/ Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading…

Is It Bliss or Did You Settle?

Share This Article Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships, Relationships Yep, it’s that type of post today. Get your favorite hanky! I received this one in the Urban Dater mailbox the other day. I was reading it and thought it was very touching, very heart-felt. I was, shall we say, flattered… That’s when I realized this letter wasn’t fomrme.

This was a letter being shared by one of our readers from our request for your breakup letters. Enjoy – Alex I remember those days, when we were so in love. And it felt like every day that went by was another honey moon; over and over we fell in love. We would gaze into each others eyes and just know how much we meant to each other. As relationships do, the honeymoon faze didn’t last.. And our fights overcame our love for each other. The pain was devastating. You were my first love, the one that filled my heart with a torturous love thatw e couldn’t control. An inferno we weren’t prepared for, and couldn’t control. I know when you saw me again, and we spent hours with our noses touching talking about nothing but saying everything all at once. My eyes were glinting with almost tears, as were yours. We struggled to keep onto the normalty of seeing an old friend but it was much more then that. it was like seeing you come back to life. Like you’d died and all of a sudden were standing there. It was like the first day… and I gave you away. We could’ve been together again, but..

I set you free. We had nothing in our way; our time was then. But I.. set you free. I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life. And my soul-mate is gone. As a leg or an arm is attached, I miss you like a limb. My best friend, my lover, my companion. Why am I so foolish?

i really like you still. And, I know you wanted me. You whispered words of love, happiness, blessed relief. Yet, I turned away from you. Giving you away like a gift to someone who was as you called it. “Barely a shadow of the beautiful woman I love.” Where are you now my bb. As you always told me in our pet name way. “I miss you Muffin.” And I feel so empty and desolete still. It’s been 2 years. And you still love me. Why are we so far apart. How did it turn out like this. -Brandi Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook1Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Relationships Tagged in: love letter You’ve spent the last week or two talking to someone you’ve met on an online dating site and you’ve finally made plans to meet. The day is here. You’re excited to satisfy this person who has seemed so wonderful online. Next thing you know, some mysterious (ie. lame) excuse comes up preventing them from meeting you or worse yet, you don’t hear from them at all.

Or maybe they do show up and look nothing like their pictures. The possibilities are endless. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the realm of online dating has had some type of experience like this. If not, consider yourself lucky. There are many great people on these sites who are honest and sincere, but let’s face it. Some are not. Up until now, there really hasn’t been way to determine if you’re wasting your time with someone or not, besides putting in the work yourself. Enter “Lots of Fakes”. a new website/app that allows you to search profiles across all major dating sites, and add reviews of people you’ve had experience with. If a married guy, posing as a single guy, is on a dating site, wouldn’t you want to know that before spending a week or two only to figure that out yourself? Or the girl who loves the attention of receiving 100+ messages a day, and flirting back and forth, but has no real intention of ever meeting anyone in person. For years people have wasted enormous amounts of time and energy on these people who are not who they say they are, or simply have no business on a dating site. This database is going to be built organically, over time, by people in the online dating community.

If everybody would you need to 60 seconds after that date (or misdate) to record that experience, be it good or bad, this app could prove to be invaluable and improve online dating for everyone. Lots Of Fakes – Google Play, App Store, http://www.lotsoffakes.com Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook3Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships Tagged in: dating technology Let’s take Dirk Nowitzki, slap him around and call him Susan. What do you say Portland? I suppose this would have made a better post than my whiny bitch fest from earlier today… It’s alright though. Why? It’s the NBA playoffs, baby! Baseball and basketball are my two favorite sports. Portland is my hometown team and I’m am rooting for them all the way! Needless to say, if they drop this series, I might have to join Keanu in a sad sack sandwich.

Book Review: Dating Stuff, The Things About Dating You Ought To Know

Sports really are a lovely thing for couples to talk about. That my woman gets crushed when her Bears lose brings a tear to my eye. Not that I’m a huge Bears fan, mind you. I’m a fan of my girlfriend and Jay Cutler can kiss my snow white ass.

Women who love sports are hot. Taylor, my counterpoint here, on the Urban Dater, loves the Lakers (boooooo!!!!)… As a Blazer fan i will tell you that this sort of partnership, with such a hated enemy, is frowned upon heavily by by my fellow P-town fans. We just about despise the Lakers, as most other teams do. Taylor, I’m sure the championship rolls through LA at somepoint. If the Blazers meetup with the Lake-show, you are dead to me. That is all. Sure, sure, Isaiah Thomas and Michael Jordan have earned some scorn from me, however, it’s the Lakers that have just angered me and destroyed me multiple times since I was born… a lot of the great defeats I can recall are against the evil Lakers. I remember the time, back in 2000, once the Jail-Blazers choked it up against the Lakers, after being up by more than ten in the final quarter… I remember it because of the bet I made. The bet?

If the Blazers lost I would wear a Shaquille O’Neal Jersey for week! Brutal. Never had I been so shamed. But my team is worth it. So, ladies, ease up on your fellas and join them at the bar this playoff season and enjoy some good games. I predict that the Blazers will go undefeated and win their second championship, the first of 17 in a row. For the best coverage on my Blazers (because I know you all care) head on over to Blazers Edge. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading…

Share This Article Facebook5Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Asides Rebound Loving never was this easy! Today’s feature is about Rebound Lovers, the brainchild of  LaVonya Reeves, “one of the only successful ‘online dating websites’ created by a woman. That’s pretty hot! LaVonya tells us a little bit about her venture and what they’re looking to do to help the singles in the trenches.  Our mission is simple: to help singles find the type of relationship they’re looking for. Reboundlovers was created in 2010, we’re a global , that offers a fun place for singles looking to re-enter into the dating scene; whether they’re newly divorced, separated, ended a relationship or just looking to meet new people.  Our members are from the US, Canada, UK and several other countries. We’re very diverse in our member’s selection, such as: Christian Dating Senior Dating Black Dating Asian Dating Divorced Dating Cougar Dating Sugar Daddies Dating Interracial Dating International Dating Single Parent Dating College Dating And the list goes on and on.

There are great possibilities that you will find a match at Reboundlovers. We offer members the ability to access through their mobile devices, personalize their profile page, write a blog, create their particular personal groups or join an existing team. Reboundlovers has loads of other features to help you connect with friends and singles in your area and around the world. We offer two Membership Plans: Our Free Basic and VIP Membership, compared to many other online dating sites, we rank the best priced in the industry. We don’t believe that a member should pay an enormous add up to meet someone new. We prefer that our members to concentrate on matching with other members rather than worrying about the price. Many online dating sites claim to have no hidden fees, and then surprise you with charges for features such as emailing, chat, IM, etc. All features totally come with our “Basic and VIP Membership”: such as emails (send and receive), forums, blogs, polls, rate members, chat rooms, and IM. There are no catches, hidden fees, gimmicks or surprises at Reboundlovers. New “Date Me” section: We will “Break the Ice” for you. Minimize stress and maximize your fun. It’s simple, you choose the activity ( e.g. – Just Coffee, Let’s Do Lunch, Dinner & Movie) search our database for members in your local area. We’re getting back to the basics, where “Boy meets Girl” rather than a computer generated matching system, the member has total control over whom he/she decides to date. We do offer a match system for member’s that choose to be matched according to similarities, at no additional cost to the member. With the click of a mouse, members can instantly see photos and read about potential matches in their area. Reboundlovers also understands the importance of privacy and integrity.

All communication between members on Reboundlovers happens through an “anonymous” email network. The names and contact information of all our members are kept confidential until the member personally decides to talk about the information with a potential match. Happy Dating! Find out more about Rebound Lovers by visiting their site Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook2Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Online Dating Tagged in: love on the rebound, rebound lovers I. Fucking. Quit. I’m taking a fucking break! A detox comes in many forms. The unifying theme is to rid oneself of an addiction to something shitty or something that, in large quantities is shitty for you. Alcohol, bacon, drugs… These are some things that people commonly detox from. For me? My shitty dating life. Yep.

I’m sparing the women of Los Angeles from me for a little while at least. Yep. This is some of those posts. My dating life, in the grand scheme of things type of sucks right now. Why? Errr. Maybe it’s because I suck, even though I think I’m pretty fly. No, my dating life is kinda pooh-skiddish, if I’m being to-the-point. Why? Perhaps it’s because I suck. I mean, over the past few weeks I’ve read posts from people calling me a douche to a gal I went on two dates with calling me a sociopath.

Now, the fact that people are talking shit about you they’re still talking, to paraphrase my colleague, Nando Rodriguez. Sometimes when you read the shitty things people say about you, you let it roll off. You have to. The sociopath thing really got on my nerves. I didn’t realize I had that effect on people after merely two dates. Obviously I’m doing something right! Or am I? allow me to take a moment to have some bullet-point honesty with you all and, more importantly, myself: The girl I went out with who called me a sociopath. You annoyed me with that. However, I shouldn’t have gone on the second date.

I wasted your time and mine. I knew after the first one that, while you were attractive, you were not my type. The girl who teased me until I was blue in the… err… face. I’m sorry. I just wanted to get laid. Well played for not playing into that. The nurse who I went out with and pretty much had no chemistry with. I shouldn’t have gone out with her, even from texts it seemed that we were both ‘trying too hard.’ The gal I went out with, who’s a writer and a blogger and published a piece for me, I’m sorry.

I shouldn’t have wasted your time either. The gal that I called a “broad.” Ugh. I failed hard here…. To the gal who’s a city planner… Again, probably shouldn’t have done a second date. We had lots to discuss; mainly about food and beer. Don’t get me wrong, that was cool, but that’s all there was. And that’s not on you, that’s all I had, too. Your dog kicks ass btw. To the TV producer… See above To the other five-ish, or so, women… Sigh. I don’t remember your names… Or what we did. But we did go out. I’m sure it was just as memorable for  you, too. And if you weren’t listed in the previous items above, it’s not that I forgot, it’s that we’ve already established that I’m the turd and you are amaz… Nevermind.

You receive it. Honestly, going through this list, I could go build a blog called the FailDater and the thing is that list above isn’t really comprehensive, just a good sampling of what my last three months of dating looks like. Hence an Urban Dater needs a fucking break. Where’s my goddamned Kit Kat??? Obviously, I need to figure out several things, personally, before I go out into the wild to club a mate on the head and drag her back to my apartment. Sometimes it really is me and not you… except those times when it really is YOU. So I’m going to “detox” from the game for a little bit while I get my shit together upstairs and focus on other things that need doing. This chubby isn’t going to take care of itself now. ~ Fin Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook8Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships, Relationships, Sex Decades ago couples had much more privacy than they do today, compliments of the technological age we find ourselves in now. A private conversation merely entailed talking on the phone in an empty room, or exchanging words face to face. Today, however, there is a “paper trail” of dialogue left by way of emails and text messages. Of course, emails and smartphones can have passwords to protect privacy, but it can cause a rift in a couple’s relationship if one partner refuses to give the other access. In fact, denying a lover access to such information can create suspicion and doubt, even if there is nothing to hide! Respecting one’s privacy is important in a healthy relationship, so it is wrong to be checking your partner’s emails and text messages. Again, this dynamic is something men and women didn’t have to struggle with in the past, whereas today it can tear relationships apart.

Should you check your partner’s texts and emails? Do You Trust Your Partner? Healthy relationships are built on trust – so why would you feel the urge to read private emails and text messages? The need to read can be a red flag that your relationship is struggling where trusting one another is concerned. Emails And Texts could be Misinterpreted One of the big dangers in reading other people’s emails and texts is that they are frequently short snapshots of a conversation. They can easily be misinterpreted – not only in the message they send, but in the tone as well. Another danger is in you discovering a surprise he’s planning for you – many people plan marriage proposals via text message or email, and what if you were to spoil something like that? Would You Want Your Partner Reading Your Messages?

Sometimes we can be a bit hypocritical where trust is concerned.

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